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Gourmutt is an exclusive bakery where you get a range of products from freshly baked doggie treats and biscuits to special doggie birthday cakes, cupcakes and other bakery delicacies. At Gourmutt, we take utmost care about the ingredients which go into making these special products for your pets. We use the finest and purest branded ingredients like 100% whole wheat flour and oats for the cakes. All ingredients used are completely dog friendly and safe. We also undertake doggie party orders for snacks and ready to serve meals. None of our products contain any artificial preservatives. Special return gift packs are also available for birthday parties.

Birthday cakes and Cupcakes:

Birthday cakes available in small (for 1-2 dogs) and medium (for 3-5 dogs) sizes. Cupcakes are available in small and medium sizes

  • Chicken & Oats 
  •  Veggie & Oats 
  •  Fruits & Oats
  •  Mutton & Oats 
  •  Peanut butter & Oats 
  •  Fish & Oats

For birthday/special occasion parties:

These can also be made in multi-grain variant.

  • Chicken & Oats puffs 
  •  Veggie & Oats puffs 
  •  Egg & Oats puffs
  •  Chicken & brown rice meal box 
  •  Mutton & brown rice meal box
  •  Veggies & brown rice meal box 
  •  Eggs & brown rice meal box

Freshly baked biscuits:

These can also be made in multi-grain and gluten free variants.

  • Chicken & oats 
  •  Fresh breath 
  •  Peanut butter
  •  Wheat-free chicken 
  •  Cheese and garlic drops

It’s our endeavor to add more range of products to this list. Each product has been standardized after months of trials and research to make it perfect for our pooches.

The cakes have to be kept refrigerated and should be removed from refrigeration around 30 minutes before consumption. If refrigerated, it can stay good for 2-3 days. The biscuits have to be stored in a cool and dry place and are best if consumed within 1 month of its manufacturing.

Other items are generally for same day consumption.

Note: Orders should be placed at least 24 hours in advance. In case of pets having specific allergies, the same should be intimated in advance. Though we take every possible care and hygiene measures in the manufacturing of these products, however, we are not responsible for health issues caused to your pets on consumption of the products.

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