Pet Treats – Grain free Meat and Chicken Treats for Dogs (80 gms + 80 gms)


Healthy and tasty treats for your dogs.
Gluten Free/ Grain Free / Soy Free


Grain-free meat and chicken treats for dogs are a flavorful and nutritious option that caters to their natural carnivorous instincts. These treats are formulated without grains like wheat, corn, or soy, which can be challenging for dogs to digest and may trigger sensitivities or allergies.

The primary focus of grain-free meaty treats is the inclusion of high-quality animal protein. Whether it’s beef, chicken, lamb, or another meat variety, these treats provide essential amino acids necessary for muscle development, energy, and overall health. The meaty texture and taste are irresistible to dogs, making them a perfect training reward or occasional indulgence.

Grain-free treats often use alternative ingredients like sweet potato, chickpeas, or tapioca as binders or sources of fiber. These ingredients offer added nutritional benefits, such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while keeping the treats free from grains.

By opting for grain-free meaty treats, you can provide your furry friend with a snack that aligns with their natural dietary needs. However, it’s important to introduce new treats gradually and monitor your dog’s overall calorie intake to maintain a balanced diet. As with any dietary changes, consult with your veterinarian to ensure the treats are suitable for your dog’s specific health requirements. Grain-free meaty treats can be a satisfying and wholesome addition to your dog’s treat rotation.

Contents: Pack of 2 Meaty treats for dogs
Healthy and tasty treats for your pets
Made with high quality & 100% Human Grade Ingredients
Ingredients: Fresh Chicken, Fresh Sweet Potato, Fresh Liver, Fresh Meat,Tapioca Starch, Hydrolysed vegetable protein, glycerin, sugar, salt, Permitted Preservatives and Antioxidants
Highly Digestible Treats That Are Free Of Fillers Such As Corn, Wheat And Soy.

Nutritional Analysis (Guaranteed) (DM Bases)

Crude Protein 18.00% Min
Crude Fats 5% Min
Crude fibers 6% Max
Moisture 20% Max
Energy 280 kcal /100 gms

Feeding Guidelines* (Per Day)

Small Dog 1-2 sticks per day
Medium Dog 4-5 sticks per day
Large Dog 6-7 sticks per day

*The above feeding guideline is calculated to keep your pet’s daily treat consumption within 10% of daily dietary requirement, as advised by experts, in general for all treats.

Storage Guidelines
Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening the seal. Consume within 7 days of opening the pouch.


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